Are apps the future of content?

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The equation is simple. The average person probably doesn’t think twice before spending 99 cents on an app. Such a small sum. Not even a whole dollar. With fuel prices, groceries and other merchandise all on a steady hike to unknown dollar figures, buying a 99 cents app might seem inconsequential. On the other hand, the moment a media company puts up a paywall the response would lead us to believe they’re committing highway robbery. Now, those who study trends are beginning to see a future where the app becomes the paywall for content. “This means that the things we read, listen to, and buy will soon cost a small amount of money. This will be a painless amount and it will allow future artists, singers, games manufacturers, and journalists to buy cat food and pencils in order to produce the work you guys expect to receive to free. This also means that manufacturers know they can grab a steady, if small, stream of revenue by creating an API and methodology to allow their devices to run ‘other’ applications,” says John Biggs of Crunchgear.
In such a scenario Biggs believes our future could be in the hands of media partnerships where always-on broadcast television would be replaced by apps. Newspapers, magazines and other similar media will also be delivered in this fashion. And should we call them newspapers if they aren’t paper? With app stores in the cloud or in the hands of device manufacturers, we could face a future where we’re required to spend money on upgrades in order to get desired content. This all makes for some very interesting possibilities for both business and consumers. What do you think?

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