Are open borders better for business?

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Should there be just one border for all humans under one sun and sky? Or should we stay in our groups? Whether legal or illegal, from Australia to the U.S. and across the world, the movement of people from poor countries to richer ones is a hot button topic. But authors of the book, “Exceptional People,” beg to differ. They contend that movement of the people fuels progress and helps business. It transfers ideas, improves economies in either direction and enriches the workforce. A Mexican woman caring for an American woman’s baby allows the American woman the freedom to pursue her dreams and contribute to the economy. A bright Indian entrepreneur in Silicon Valley provides employment for skilled and unskilled. People sending money home improves the lot of impoverished folk – more than foreign aid. “Completely opening borders would add an astonishing $39 trillion over 25 years to the global economy. That is more than 500 times the amount the rich world spends on foreign aid each year.”

Such a point of view could be valid or it could be wildly speculative. All businesses may not be willing to say that immigrants are good for their businesses. Some believe that immigration drives down wages for lower skilled work. Others think it’s unfair that businesses pay substandard wages to illegals. Everywhere there’s the “prickly” factor where immigrants are thought to compromise the very fabric of “us,” whatever nationality the “us” may be. Regardless, the authors of the book note that aging populations and declining birth rates in rich countries will leave a vast workforce vacuum which only immigration can fill. It’s all food for thought. What do you think?

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