Are rumors of Apple’s ‘death’ exaggerated?

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Apple’s sales are falling. Apple is failing. At least that’s what you’ll think if you pay attention to some of the latest Apple news items. A decade of dazzle is now either faded or tarnished and Apple could be suffering from a case of innovation burnout. Its map software is headed in the wrong direction possibly toward a meltdown rather than a patty melt. It best days are now in the rear view mirror and it’s fast losing its gloss. Meanwhile, the very analysts who formerly hyped Apple’s stock price have changed their minds, predicting that investors will now question its “primacy.” All this happening while Samsung and Surface are said to be kicking Apples assumptions about its products. Who could have predicted such dire warnings for a company accustomed to round the block lines at the mere rumor of a new iThing hitting the market?

This rumored death of Apple arrives on the heels its big launch of the iPad Mini. On the one hand sales of the iPad Mini are said to be lukewarm while in other cases the sales are “explosive,” selling three million of the devices in a weekend. Those who have laid hands on the iPad Mini point to its lightness of being, its smaller size easily accommodating one-handed handling, even if it does mean uncomfortably stretching one’s fingers like a beginning guitar student. The camera on iPad mini is less, awkward than its full sized sibling and images look crisper due to the smaller screen. Also, please don’t even begin to confuse the iPad Mini with the latest iPod Touch or the iPhone 5, there is definitely difference. But will it cause a slump in sales for full sized iPads? Depends whether your glass is half full or half poison pen. At this point we don’t know if Samsung or Surface will emerge to take down the mighty Apple name but we do know that Apple has been declared dead at least 60 times since 1995.

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