Are social media watchers anti-social?

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Published on August 18, 2016 with 7 Comments

What’s your Facebook status? Have you tweeted and texted updates on ur end of summer mood? Are you among those who tweet when you’re bored? Sharing what you’re really doing? Does your Facebook status inform whether you’re in a relationship or not? While social media may be good for business, they might not be that great for the average person’s social life. Like DVDs, music downloads, digital cameras and all technological advances, it was fun to extend the boundaries at the dawn of the social media age. But now folks are crying foul or at the very least social media fatigue.
Disappointing as it may be, our “friends” who may not necessarily be our friends, don’t really care what we’re doing – allegedly. Surprise, surprise! At least that’s the latest from people who track the social media moods. Digital friends are grossed out by tweets about our personal hygiene. They don’t want to know if we’ve eaten a gallon of chocolate chip ice cream. Additionally, they equate us to those annoying name-droppers when we tweet about our quest for a great pizza joint in Casablanca. Or maybe they’re just jealous. And folks are not as eager to roll out the welcome mat to those personality quizzes that eat up our free time either.
So once again, what once was new, shiny and exciting, in this case social media, is fraying at the edges and we need to start minding our manners. Else we could be annoying our Online friend base, especially if they aren’t personally acquainted. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Conventional wisdom says if you wouldn’t make a phone call about it, then don’t add it to the Twittersphere or Facebookland and by all means refrain from texting about it. All of which can make us feel like kids waving at our dad’s new video camera long after the novelty has worn off. Or else, conventional wisdom is wrong.

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  1. social media, just another outlet for people to annoy other people

  2. is there an rx for my anti social media disorder?

    • Perhaps there’s social media therapy which could be similar to retail therapy, except without the money. But then there’s digital money – it’s complicated.

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