Are these phony headphones?

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Are these phony headphones?

Published on March 01, 2017 with 1 Comment

In a completely radical approach to personal electronics, a company called Headphonies is marketing a series of speakers that blends the worlds of toys, art and product design. Around three inches in height, the speakers/toys are cute. They are said to be compatible with iPods, cell phones, MP3 players and CD players. While such limited size might indicate a smallness of decibel output, Headphonies speakers are loud. They can go for four hours on a single battery charge and can be charged through a USB cable included in the package.
And in the big scheme of things speakers in small packages have been a hit for decades but these unusual designs by Eran Weinberg are much discussed for their merger of different design ideas with technology. Weinberg is known in design circles as someone who merges various disciplines such as industrial design, graphic design and photography among others. He commissioned some of the speaker designs from other artists. Not all are thrilled however. Some claim that Headphonies represent ideas stolen from other artists/designers.
Regardless. With names such as Pink Bear, Star Girl, Ninja and Mad Ape, some of Headphonies designs are flying off the online shelves. It could either be that people are fascinated with the toy-like aesthetic or the price – around $30. And for those who aren’t into speakers, Headphonies are also marketing night lights in similar toy shapes. Beyond Headphonies, there are all manner of fun speaker designs on the market including ones from “the.” that are designed to look like cartoon bubbles.

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  1. I’d like a pair that look like human ears…or dog ears…do flies have ears? That would be cool.