Are you a power plant?

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Are you a power plant?

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Okay. By now it’s no secret that we are living in the age of alternative energy sources. But among the latest reports, it appears that scientists have seen the newest power plant – and it is us. Yes you and your family and friends and co-workers – everybody get up, stand up and generate power. In fact you don’t even need to stand up. You can lie on your couch and generate power. Every active and passive set of body movements has the ability to generate power. Every breath you take moves your ribs and that’s just the beginning.
Scientists at Princeton University have been hard at work finding ways to convert bodies in motion (which are thought to stay in motion), into electricity that can be harvested. And how exactly do they accomplish this? Well, they do it by, “Transferring crystalline piezoelectric nanothick ribbons of lead zirconate titanate from host substrates onto flexible rubbers over macroscopic areas.” In short, they’ve attached some crystals to a rubberlike material which will create an electric current when bent.
Such technology could be applied to clothing and shoes and possibly objects. You could one day put it on kids’ thumbs as they play videogames. Apply it to rubber gloves to generate energy as you wash dishes. On the soles of your shoes. Possibilities are endless. Some day your entire exercise program could be saving the planet by generating energy. Words such as, “You light up my life,” could be literal. For now it’s just some guys in a lab playing around with ideas and chemicals. But one day the bugs will be worked out and we can all get off the couch and the grid – for a greener world. Or maybe we can put this material on the wings of birds and bees and let them do the work for us.

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