Are you in the Sharpie fan club?

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Who knew there was such a thing as a Sharpie fan club? Well, if you did, our apologies. But it isn’t every day that one thinks Sharpie and fan club in the same brain wave. But once you give it some thought, yes, Sharpie should have a fan club. Everything should have a fan club if it has fans. In the hands of an artist, the Sharpie can create everything from wrapping paper to apparel designs and so much more. Sharpie is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Who would have thought?
Artist Karen Edwards uses her collection of Sharpies to create artistic designs on common objects. Drawing inspiration from the wide world of food and culture, she creates detailed patterns on wooden surfaces. Animator Mark Perry whose work includes Ren and Stimpy, Johnny Bravo and Tiny Toon Adventures is also in the Sharpie fan club. He happened into Sharpie artistry after his daughter was born and he couldn’t sharpen his pencils. Of course in the digital age, there are software programs for animation but it seems he still loves his Sharpies. Jessica Simpson is said to be a fan of Sharpie, using a retractable version to sign autographs. Former President, George W Bush was a fan and had customized White House Sharpies.
Starting out as an ink company, the Sharpie marker made its appearance in the 1960s when markers were all the rage. Perhaps for scribbling all those Peace signs. Across the pond in Britain and Australia the Sharpie is actually a sailboat. All of it not to be confused with shar pei, which means “sand skin” and refers to the dog with the blue-black tongue. Regardless, now that we all know Sharpie has a fan club, do we want to join?
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