Are your AdWords friend or foe?

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By now there are fans of AdWords and there are detractors, some of whom have filed lawsuits against Google. Latest news says that Rosetta Stone just settled a lawsuit against Google AdWords. In the suit, Rosetta Stone claimed that Google was allowing its advertising clients to use words and phrases commonly associated with the popular language education software. When someone searched for Rosetta Stone their results might include counterfeit sites or sites not related to language education. Details of the settlement are confidential.

At the same time fans of AdWords have nothing but praises for the Google product that can drive traffic and sales. A couple selling crafts from Tibet used AdWords and they were able to expand their business from their garage to a warehouse. A given business chooses relevant keywords, the more specific the better, and when anyone uses those words in a Google search, that company’s advertisement appears in the list of search results. Where the ad appears, or its “rank” depends on a “quality score” that relates to how well the business and keyword match up – among other things. The AdWord client pays Google for click on their ads.

Recently Paul Downs, owner of a cabinet making business wrote in the New York Times about problems with AdWords account that dramatically affected his sales. Noting that sales of one of their popular, high end products had dropped off considerably, Downs investigated. His business depended heavily on leads from online searches so he delved into his AdWords. Soon enough he realized that the ads for the high end product were appearing too early in the day for his target clients. As a result his ads were reaching a different demographic, and even worse, he was paying for their clicks. As a result, he tweaked his AdWord campaign and soon sales were trending up. Happy ending.

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