Are your friends more Blu-ray or DVD?

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Today’s trivia question: What is the top ranking consumer electronic product launch in history? You get the candy if you said, the DVD. According to Home Media magazine, the DVD exceeds 95 percent “household penetration.” Comparatively, Windows computers are at 85 percent and the Apple Computers is around 12 percent. These statistics do not include the iPad which has the potential to change all the statistics in a few years. Additionally, around 20 million U.S. households own both a DVD and Blu-ray player. And if you recall the buzz around the Sony Playstation 3 producing a higher quality, Blu-ray viewing experience, then, you’re likely to be nodding your head when you learn that 47 percent of Blu-ray disc watchers, watch their discs on the PS 3. And they may also sell sea shells ….
But don’t count those standalone Blu-ray players out just yet. At least 45 percent of Blu-ray disc viewers, do so on a standalone Blu-ray player. It used to be that the PS 3 had a two to one advantage over standalones which now seem to be evening up the score. And if you’re into electronics in a big way, would you rather visit your friends with the DVD household or the Blu-ray household? Well, it turns out that 84 percent of Blu-ray households have broadband connection, compared to 65 percent of DVD households. And 85 percent of Blu-ray households have HDTV as opposed to 62 percent of DVD households. Overall it seems the Blu-ray households tend to have more early adopters. But really you should visit all your friends regardless of their electronics – and bring some good wine and cheese.

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