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The Cabrini Green high-rise public housing has mostly made news in a negative way. But now that the last high-rise is about to be lowered forever, it will host a pretty cool art project during its demolition phase. The project by contemporary artist, Jan Tichy, features LED lights installed in each window of the now vacant apartments. It’s not easy to describe lights performing art but these lights will blink in such a way, that they will appear to be conversing with each other. At least that’s how the artists intended it. In this case they’re probably saying – go away from the light. Then as the building is demolished over a week, the lights will also “fall.” Footage from the scene will be live-streamed to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.
Obviously we can’t show you the Cabrini project but here is video of a pretty awesome 3D light show from the Ukraine. At first it seems ordinary but it gets more spectacular and imaginative after 30 seconds. And the image here is from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit of Edweard Muybridge’s work. It was done in 1887. Enjoy.

Awesome light show

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