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Published on March 09, 2017 with 3 Comments

By now you know all about QR codes. Why? Because you’ve read our previous coverage on the not-new Quick Response (QR) codes that can be “scanned.” Okay, you say, but aren’t all barcodes are scanned? Yes, that’s true. So we should clarify that QR codes are scanned by a smartphone camera for a wide range of uses, including connecting to a website. Even as the world is still getting up to speed with the times on QR codes, the codes are evolving into something more creative. It turns out there are multiple ways to get involved with QR codes, ways to get creative with the use of these codes and even better, a shot of creativity with the actual codes.

In some cases artists are taking their digital brushes to a new genre of QR codes. The actual code can be a work of art. Draw it as a Pac Man game board, a Disney character or a maze of some kind. Beyond that there is artistry in the QR codes’ pixels. Make them look like candy, buttons or drops of blood – handy for Halloween. In the near future imagine snowflakes, pumpkins and Santa. It turns out that QR codes are still scannable as cutouts. Think kirigami for geeks. But wait – you know what’s coming. More. QR codes are being skillfully and artfully incorporated in creative ways on business cards. In some cases they’re next to the person’s name, in others on the back of the cards and … well the possibilities are in the creative person’s hands.

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  1. how about QR code tattoos? scan my arm, it’ll take you to my facebook

  2. I like the idea of putting it on business cards. If the code looked like company logo or if it could be made to look like an image of the person named on the card.

  3. pretty neat. will these codes be identifying us someday?