AutoCAD in the era of app and cloud

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Working from anywhere on any device is easier than ever for architects and others who use AutoCAD. No longer are these professionals tied to their desks or lugging around computers, or Heaven forbid, cumbersome paper files. With the AutoCAD WS mobile app for Android and iDevices, CAD files are always at your fingertips. AutoCAD WS doesn’t let you begin drawings but with permission, you can view or edit pre-exisitng drawings from anywhere including on mobile devices with the app. The app allows sharing and collaborating in real time where each version is saved, just in case. While for most people this may not be such a revolutionary shift, it’s an invaluable new tool for those who work collaboratively.
AutoCAD mobile is part of the trend of stepping away from the chains of the computer and toward the Cloud. Access from anywhere plus the ability to collaborate and also view past versions all are essential aspects of mobile computing, not only for CAD drawings but for any digital work. Of course there are also concerns about this trend. What about outages? Security? Will all software go toward a pay-per-use model rather than the current system? Will there be enough infrastructure to support this? And once we go to the Cloud what will it mean for the PC industry? Would we still need lots of gigabytes on our hard drives? In any case, have no fear, this year there are numerous Cloud summits all considering these issues and looking at the Cloud from all sides now.

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