Automated customer complaints: The computer will see you now

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If you have customers, you have customer complaints. And this is definitely not a good thing. But now there’s a piece of technology, and probably in the future, an app for that. CogniCor is winning awards for its latest invention, an engine that automates customer complaints. Companies that successfully install the automated customer complaint program would potentially reduce their customer service expenses significantly while also resolving the complaints in minutes – as opposed to months. CogniCor, being a spinoff from the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Barcelona, uses an online artificial intelligence platform to resolve disputes between two parties. One might ask why we would label two feuding entities as parties when there is anything but a party going on here, but that’s beside the point.

The platform is aimed at service industries with a large volume of unhappy humans with numerous complaints – perhaps too numerous for customer service people to handle. The main targeted industries are, surprise, surprise, airlines and insurance companies among others. In the CogniCor product there are modules for iComplaint, iResolve, immediate and iReport, not necessarily in that order. The entire process is handled via computer and is said to result in happier customers than the traditional route. One interesting aspect of the Cognicor system is that it checks the “social influence” of the person who makes the complaint. Does this mean that complaints from more prominent people will be expedited before those with lower social influence scores? It’s too early to tell, but this is an interesting new frontier in customer service.

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