Automotive Technology

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Automotive Technology

Innovations in automotive technology are constantly making their way into new cars and trucks. Such new automotive technology not only makes cars easier to live with from day to day, they also make them safer for both drivers and passengers, as well as the motorists they share the roads with. The following innovations listed are already making an impact on the way people operate their vehicles.


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Backup Cameras
The biggest complaint most people have with most modern vehicles is how the relatively thick pillars block the rear view of the driver. With these blind spots in place, it becomes much harder for drivers to see what’s behind them. This creates a safety hazard where drivers are at risk of hitting or running over objects and people.

With the inclusion of touch-screen navigation systems, factory-installed backup cameras are quickly becoming standard on most vehicles. These cameras give drivers another set of eyes when reversing out of tight or crowded spaces, adding an extra dimension of safety and maneuverability in parking situations.

Voice-Activated Entertainment Systems
Keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel is important for all drivers. Fumbling with the complex controls of most in-car entertainment systems is one way of taking a driver’s eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, creating an immediate safety hazard for oneself and others on the road.

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Voice-Activated entertainment systems are relatively new to most vehicles, but they pay dividends when it comes to driver safety. Systems like Ford’s SYNC allow for voice-controlled operation of navigation and audio, as well as integration with your smartphone for hands-free calling and audible text messaging.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Before the advent of modern tire pressure monitoring systems, knowing how much air was in your tires was a guessing game unless you had a tire gauge. Even then, it proved to be difficult for most people to accurately maintain their tires’ correct air pressure, leading to accelerated tire wear, poor fuel economy and other situations where the safety of both drivers and fellow motorists were compromised.

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Tire pressure monitoring systems are now common in most new cars. These systems provide drivers with a constantly accurate and up-to-date reading of the tires’ current air pressure. The system warns drivers when their tires are over- or under-inflated, and it also warns drivers of flats and impending blowouts, enhancing vehicular safety for everyone on the road.

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