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So you have an unspectacular life, marred with ho-hum problems, and none of your triumphs are newsworthy. Before you break out the Ordinary Person blues, take heart. You’re perfect for the world of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. According to author Mike Michalowicz, “The greatest business successes come from underfunded, inexperienced entrepreneurs.” He is the brain behind the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur school of thought and author of the book by the same name. Whether or not anyone agrees with his ideas, he rose from his “unspectacular” life to being an in-demand media personality, with frequent appearances on Donny Deutsch’s show, “The Big Idea.” Though his tips are entertaining, his delivery is a somewhat brutal style, but he has won numerous awards and made millions, so it must be working for him.
One interesting idea advanced by Michalowicz, is the role of the spouse in creating a successful business. Such a spouse, of either gender plays a variety of roles, mostly involved in being a good supportive person to the entrepreneur. The good spouse is an interrogator. Not someone who asks where you’ve been and what you were doing there, but rather someone who asks key questions about the business and its direction. Other roles for this spouse include, cheerleader, secretary and influencer. An influencer helps move the deal along without being excessively present. And one more thing. It turns out even entrepreneurs have to eat some time and as such, the best spouse for an entrepreneur is a good cook. Does Martha Stewart have a spouse?

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