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In times like these when the frantic holiday season leads to frayed nerves and darkened moods, rest assured there’s an app – waiting to bring solace. In this case the app is Awareness. Download it for inner peace and “emotional freedom.” This app is like a spiritual advisor, sounding the “gong” several times a day, reminding you to just breathe. And for all who don’t want that gong to sound, there’s a switch. The app will ask how you’re feeling and play appropriate videos based on your feedback. It can also color code your feelings and assemble a pie chart – though it doesn’t promise you a slice of pie. The point of this app is to improve your mood and distract you from unpleasant feelings while providing you with lots of inspirational quotes. This app supposedly uses technology to help you disconnect from your dependence on technology.
But it turns out, there are two apps called Awareness. One (with an exclamation point) is an app that filters outside noises into your headphones, so that you can carry on a conversation while listening to music. Not sure how this works with the Bose noise-cancelling headphones but, it makes you aware of noise in your environment. The other was created by Ronit Herzfeld, a self-described Ambassador of the Heart. She has discovered that humans are more driven by their fears rather than by trust and love, which is why she has devoted her life to helping people let go of their fears. At points in time she has worked with survivors of various tragedies. The app is selling well enough at $3.99 per download from the iTunes store. Though not all are fans of such an approach, Awareness (sans exclamation point) does have its fans.

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