B & O Blu-ray player for big bucks

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B & O Blu-ray player for big bucks

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In the way that technology should be fun, interesting and conversation inducing, we took note that Bang and Olufsen has integrated a Blu-ray player into its 40 inch LCD television. And while it is true that the company, affectionately known as B & O, as opposed to BO, has a tendency to be pricey, and that folks all around us are putting money into mattresses rather than malls, this is good news. Avid Blu-ray fans without $13,500 burning a hole in their pockets are hoping to win the lottery or befriend Oprah for one of these.

At B & O all products bear the prefix, BEO. Hence Beovision, the television set with the Blu-ray player. Part of the hefty price is for the motorized stand which comes in several versions, all with remote-controlled adjustability. No more aches and pains from craning necks to watch movies from improperly placed chairs. Savings on chiropractor bills. B & O’s claims about its player include: the highest quality video formats, a plethora of placement options and different speakers. Designer input means your Beovison with Blu-ray player is so artistic, you’ll stare at it even when nothing is on the screen. Now that’s top design.

But B & O isn’t all about looks and hype, there’s true technological genius backing their products. Peter Bang and Sven Olufsen opened their business in 1925, focusing on sound recording and perception (psychoacoustics). But unless you can see dead people, they’re long gone from this earth. However the company continues the mission to be an innovative force in music and video technology. Just last month they pushed the limits of technology, launching an opera in cyberspace.

With performers in three different locations, the challenge was to allow the artistic aspect of the opera to shine without the distraction of time delays during transmission. Engineers and operatic types worked in the labs to create a seamless performance of an old fashioned art form with 21st. century technology. And, if Beowolf comes out in Blu-ray, you can watch it on Beovision.

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