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Like skateboarders to an empty swimming pool, developers have flocked to Apple’s App Store en masse. By now, less than a year after opening day, there are over 35,000 apps and counting as fast as we can. Downloads are close to a billion, and just yesterday Apple posted earnings beyond expectations. But news of the Shaken Baby app gone awry is just the tip of the behind the scenes iceberg – is there an app for that?

Air Canada has a medical form requiring doctors to measure the human derriere for airline seat fit. At Apple they vet the apps for App Store fit. It seems Shaken Baby, which allows the user to shake the iPhone until the virtual baby’s death, originally missed the vetting process but was quickly shown to the door of the store. Apparently app vetting is a bloody sport with numerous apps trying to charge through the doors.

Behind the scenes all is not quiet on the app developers’ front. Thwarted developers have taken the cage fighting to the next level, opening unauthorized app stores for their rejected wares. Everything from Cycorder, which turns the iPhone into a camcorder, to PdaNET which allows it to be used as a modem, and some adult content are in the works. All of these require jailbreaking into the iPhone to allow unauthorized content. And once they’ve been jailbroken how will you ever get them back on the App Store farm.

With 25,000 apps in the app-osphere, the streets can be mean. Developers, from big companies to freelancing individuals clamor for a top 10 spot on the app charts. How else do you gain fame and fortune? Rumors are that big companies need a top 10 spot for profitability while an individual could do well in the top 50.

Climbing the chart is no easy task. Let the invectives fly. It seems some developers are trashing the competition’s apps while issuing fake good reviews of their own. Such original thinking that. All the while folks eagerly await the next big thing to capture the imagination. Knock, knock! Whos’s there? App. App who? Not App Who, Apu – from Much Apu about Nothing.

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