Better computing with flash

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Better computing with flash

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When Fujio Matsuoka created the flash drive, his employers, Toshiba, are famously known to have given him a few hundred dollars and a demotion. Such dissing of a resident genius is thought to have left them behind the proverbial eight-ball in the multi-billion dollar flash memory industry. Ultimately, Toshiba must have recovered from its mistake because it continues to be a major player in the consumer technology world. Latest news says flash-based, solid state technology was selected for Sony’s Vaio X ultra-thin laptops.
SanDisk which claims to be “the global leader in flash memory cards,” announced that Sony will use its 64 gigabyte, solid state drive for the Vaio. Such a drive results in a sleeker, lighter computer that’s faster on its feet than other hard drives. Okay, so maybe not necessarily faster on its feet, because it doesn’t actually have feet. But if it did, it could outrun a lot of other drives – maybe. You don’t really know until you’ve been running around with it for a while.
But for those not looking for slimmed down computers, USB flash drives are the way to go – in more ways than one. A plethora of apps allows you to essentially carry your office “on a stick.” Everything from your web browser to your calendar to your favorite antivirus program can all travel around with you in your pocket. All of which foretells a more convenient computing future where every surface is a screen, every keyboard is virtual and everywhere a USB port. However, we imagine a few committed old-school IT guys and writers will still be hanging out in backrooms with desktop computers. Solitude is underappreciated.

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