Between a Smart Phone and a Tablet

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The Dell Streak is a 5 inch Mobile Internet Device that is part of the “Tablet Space.” And to be sure the tablet space is an exciting space right now because of the plethora of devices entering it on almost a daily basis. In the eyes of its fans, the Streak as a smart phone is larger, all the better for browsing the Internet and watching videos. As a tablet computer, it’s smaller, all the better for portability. It practically fits in your pocket – though this depends on the size of any individual’s pockets. Some think you have to be wearing cargo pants to carry around this device. Others note that it doesn’t fit in the car’s cup holder. Perhaps one day cars will come with a dedicated space for these types of devices, but for now, automakers are probably waiting to see what size is best. Just for the record Dell is working on other sizes for this genre of device.
Latest news for fans of the Dell Streak is that the Android 2.2 operating system is being distributed for it. This will solve the issue of speed that previously haunted this product. Meanwhile, others are comparing it to the iPad with its 9.7 inch screen. If size matters and bigger is better then the iPad has it. But product developers at Dell are undaunted. The Streak actually occupies a space between the iPad and the iPhone. Dell took feedback from consumers and concluded that 5 inches of display screen is really the optimum for a smart phone and tablet computer hybrid. You can’t make phone calls on an iPad and the iPhone screen is a tad too small for browsing. Even more, you can hold the Streak in one hand but you need both hands for the iPad. And if you’re “streaking,”

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