Beware of the office party

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Perhaps throughout work history the office holiday party has been the breeding ground for indiscretions of major and minor proportions. One survey confirmed that 40 percent of office party goers admit to committing an indiscretion and 14 percent have misbehaved to the point of being fired. One documented case involves fisticuffs with the head of the company. On the flip side it is thought that the smart people are the ones who use their companies’ holiday parties to raise their personal profile and perhaps get a promotion. These people stay away from trendy, barely-there outfits and opt instead for tastefully classic and elegant apparel. They refrain from indulging themselves either in conversation or consumption. They ask thoughtful, intelligent questions and keep the topics light. Nothing to be ashamed of on Monday morning.


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The people at Grubstreet are helping out with a guide to office party indulgence. And they were not referring to water, Diet Coke or coffee here. The level of sloshedness you can safely attain depends on whether you work for a cool or uncool company. It seems the cool companies are all about indulgence in legal and illegal ways. “The cooler the company is, the more likely it is that one of your co-workers will end up wearing his tie like a headband at some point during the party, meaning it won’t look so bad when you get up on the bar and start signing “Dancing Queen” alongside him.” But not every company aspires to extreme levels of drunkenness and debauchery at holiday parties. One ad agency has been known to ply its workers with pizza before the party. This is a proactive measure to prevent drinks on an empty stomach and avoid embarrassment in front of clients. And remember – “You have a crush on someone at the office, and either they, or you, is married. Have zero drinks.”

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