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Published on March 09, 2017 with 1 Comment

So the big event has come and gone. Super geekman Steve Jobs reappeared to announce that the humble iPod nano is getting a digital video camera. And really, next to the iPhone and iPod Touch in conjunction with the hot App store, who was really thinking about additional features for the nano? But now it has a video camera and we’ll wait to see how well that fares in the marketplace. Will the one hundred million iPod nanos already in the marketplace be discarded for lack of a camera? At the same time, the world of cameras, digital video and otherwise, isn’t just standing still.
Leica, yes Leica, the company that began building cameras in 1913, also rolled out its newest camera, the 18 megapixel M9 yesterday. Contrary to intuitive reasoning that might lead to the conclusion that the M9 logically began with the M1, it actually started in 1954 with the M3. The M1 appeared around 1959. But why quibble? The M9 is said to be notable for its whisper silent shutter which means Tiger Woods might not mind if the PGA reconsiders its no-camera policies – or not. Meanwhile Sony has a new video camera targeted to YouTube users. Well almost everyone has a camera targeted to YouTube users.
With so much camera technology news, there are bound to be old-school folks who think we’ve just become too obsessed with our technology and we need to get back to basics. Which is why we’re offering this tip for a desperation dinner. It turns out that belts, shoes and purses are not only fashion accessories. They can be dinner. No kidding. Stranded pirates have been known to consume a belt or two. As with other proteins the leather dinners are more tasty if boiled until tender and seasoned with a good spice mix. Possibilities are endless for those leather camera bags.

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  1. the 9 was for the chick pic