Bicycles, rice-cookers and Blu-ray players

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“Every person has a path to follow. It widens, narrows, climbs and descends. There are times of desperate wanderings. But with courageous perseverance and personal conviction, the right road will be found. This is what brings real joy.” So said Konosuke Matsushita, who started a company that once sold bicycle lamps and later manufactured Schwinn bicycles. It also sold rice cookers in India. Such is the long and interesting path of the Panasonic Company that recently unveiled its 2011 series of HD 3D and 2D Blu-ray players. Targeted to the home theater crowd, Panasonic’s latest Blu-ray players deliver everything but the popcorn and Skittles. Thanks to its UniPhier chip which combines the work of three previous chips, the Blu-ray players are sleeker, use less power and deliver higher picture quality.
The new Blu-ray players are connected, making it possible to access apps such as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and well, the full range of social networking and entertainment options. While in bygone days it was cool to have your Sony Playstation deliver Blu-ray content, now your Panasonic Blu-ray player delivers Skype, “with a devoted Skype button on the remote control.” Plus there’s a touchless sensor for an even better user experience. But wait, there’s more. You can use your iPhone as a remote to operate the Blu-ray player – good for that instant when the dog eats your remote. And for all who think that a business should have on central vision that endures, it turns out that long before Blu-ray players, Panasonic products spanned the spectrum from massaging recliners, to navigation devices, to refrigerators, razors and even a sort of flat hair dryer.

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