Blackberry has a Playbook

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When news of the impending iPad launch hit the news cycle, critics speculated that the device was not as good as a computer, that its aficionados might be few and far between due the lack of a significant difference between the iPad and previous iDevices. But soon after its launch, the iPad became a most desirable thing. Since then rumors abound about a slew of similar styled devices about to take the marketplace by storm. Now Blackberry users need not feel left out in the cold anymore. Not wishing to be left behind in the race for the hearts of its fans, the makers of Blackberry announced the upcoming Playbook, a tablet computer that is much like the iPad – except it’s even better. It’s expected some time in early 2011.
“Internet the way it’s meant to be,” say the RIM folks, noting that the Blackberry Playbook will have built-in support for Adobe Flash. You can multitask with the Playbook, watching a movie in one window while surfing the internet in another. It can do video conferencing, gaming and with a dual-core processor, it’s so fast everyone else will just have to eat its dust. But it’s not just faster, it’s slimmer with a slightly smaller screen and less ounce-age – as opposed to poundage. It also goes well with Blackberry phones so users can view stuff from their phones on their Playbooks. And while it is called the Playbook, it is not just for playing. Word from Rim executives say, it’s a “professional” tablet, well suited for all sorts of business applications.

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