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One fine winter day you enter the word “Sweater,” in your favorite search engine. In most cases that would be Google but if yours is Bing, hey, no worries. The results for such a general search might return a listing for perhaps,, where you would most likely get a deal. Or it could list Wikipedia where you would learn about the history and trends of sweaters through the ages. There’s no predictable direction for your results. Just over a decade ago a search on the word, “Sweater,” would not have been that complex. But in the age of millions and millions of web pages, you need to specify. Enter the slashtag – which is not related to the hashtag of Twitter fame. In the world of Blekko, a recently introduced search engine, your sweater search might go something like this, “Sweater/knitting.” Due to the slashtag, this search in Blekko would yield listings for February Lady Sweater Pattern or 5 Hour Baby Sweater.
As it turns out, if you searched for sweater/knitting in Google, you would also get knitting patterns. But at Blekko there’s more. Blekko offers “spin.” So instead of sweater, you may be searching on the topic of “sea water.” In this case, a Blekko search on “sea water/conservative” would list conservative thinking sites on the topic of sea water, whereas a Google search wouldn’t necessarily have this spin. Blekko also has built-in slashtags that are each linked to a collection of web sites. Not all is running smoothly – yet. For now the Blekko people are working out the kinks and hoping to succeed where so many others have failed.

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