BlogVault, the best way to back up and transfer your WordPress website

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We’ve tried numerous backup system for WordPress websites and have discovered the best backup system available.  It is BlogVault, the top rated backup system in our view at Cool International.  Here is our review of BlogVault.

BlogVault is incredibly easy to get started with.  You can have your site backed up in minutes. BlogVault allows you to immediately test whether the backup processed everything including your database files properly.  This feature is uncommon in the blog backup space.  You can actually restore your site temporarily to the BlogVault Servers in order to test that the entire website has been successfully backed up and would be able to be restored to your website should anything happen to it.

The user interface is clean, simple, fast and easy.  What more could you ask for?  In just moments you can have the peace of mind that you could actually restore your blog should anything go wrong.  Does your current backup software allow this?  If not, you should probably abandon it.  Without the ability to test the backup, the other systems leave you guessing and hoping, and they really don’t give you the peace you seek in a back up system.  BlogVault is different and truly gives you peace of mind!  At BlogVault you can back up in minutes and then test the restore immediately … as simple as 1 2 3.

… all that and you don’t even have to bother installing a plugin.  BlogVault has made the process so easy, they automatically handle everything.  You just go HERE and following the instructions.  BlogVault is The Best WordPress BackUp System available.

When you consider that it only costs $10/month for this peace of mind, think about what your time is worth and how much of a time consuming problem it could be to have to trouble shoot a hacked website or to recover from a server failure.

But that’s not even the best part! You can easily move your WordPress blog or website to another Host!

Here’s my favorite aspect of BlogVault.  The system allows you to MOVE YOUR WORDPRESS SITE to another webhost easier than any solution I’ve been able to find on the internet. The directions found at are complex and time consuming; and let’s face it, those instructions basically require a depth of knowledge in WordPress that most people just don’t have.

After you setup the back up which literally only takes minutes, you have the following options:

  1. Download (save it to your computer so you’ve got a copy yourself)
  2. Auto Restore (automatically restore it to the same place it is/or previously was.
  3. Move Site (the system walks you through the process to restore your website at another web hosting company.)
  4. Test Restore (This is what we mentioned above. You can test restore to the BlogVault servers and see that your site has been entirely backed up, databases, plugins, themes and all.)

Change Your Web Hosting Provider!

You should know that the least expensive Web Hosting on the internet is our system at Domain NRG. We are less expensive than GoDaddy, Blue Host, and Host Gator.  If you find a less expensive web hosting provider, let us know and we’ll beat ’em.  But not only that, our service is more personalized.  Why not give Domain NRGa try so that you can save money and be treated better?

Here are few examples of what we are currently offering at Domain NRG.

Single Site, One Domain: as low as $3.84/month

  • One Domain
  • Unlimited Space – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Databases – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – Seriously!

Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Domains: as low as $5.99/month

  • Unlimited Domains – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Space – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Databases – Seriously!
  • Unlimited Email Accounts – Seriously!

You’ve got 30 days to test the BlogVault backup system for free and will literally only take you minutes to set up.  Go there >  then come back here and let us know how it worked for you.  We’re considering producing a video showing the move your website process with BlogVault, if you’d find that valuable, let us know. Now you can truly have a worry free Holiday Season!

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