Blu Christmas this year

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Blu Christmas this year

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In the world of grandparents and grandchildren, it is thought that if the grandchild is unhappy then everyone is unhappy. It was this belief that led to an advertisement where a grandchild complains to the Playstation 3 people. He is upset about being unable to play games on his PS3 because grandma is busy watching Blu-ray movies. It is commonly held that the Playstation 3 multitasks as one of the better Blu-ray players. While the ad may cute, it is not necessarily funny. Grandma may really be watching movies on the kid’s PS3. News from the world of retail indicates that this holiday season, Blu-ray titles are flying off the shelves.
Over the Black Friday weekend there were $69 million worth of Blu-ray disc sales. To think it wasn’t that long ago when some were practically sounding the death knell for the Blu-ray format. With digital television and various other newfangled technology vying for attention, Blu-ray, even with its spectacular sharpness and details, didn’t seem to capture the imagination and the disposable income. Now with the price of players coming down and just about any story worth telling being released in the format, the story is being re-written – at least for the time being.
As with anything else, it could all be only for a moment until the moment’s gone. Right this moment someone is in an electronics lab working on the next big format, something that remains un-named. Meanwhile Sony announced plans to offer movies through Internet-enabled televisions. Then there is word of a combination disc which would be flippable between the two formats. Not to mention, we’re watching television on our computers, connecting to the Internet on our gaming systems and every once in a while we opt to see a movie at the local Cineplex where the popcorn is always buttered.

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