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When you hear the word popcorn, it’s easy to conjure up visions of the crunching and rustling going on all around you in movie theaters. And isn’t it annoying there isn’t a popcorn holder in movie theater armrests? But the people at Syabas Technology, a digital electronics company looked at the word popcorn and envisioned the Popcorn Hour line of digital home entertainment devices. Now they are taking it to the next level with the Popcorn C-200, the ultimate digital media player that can accommodate a Blu-ray drive.
Once upon a time there was home theater and there was the computer, occupying vastly different ends of the entertainment spectrum. While it may have seemed that never the twain would meet, times have changed. The C-200 makes it possible to view any content regardless of its format, on a television screen. From Blu-ray movies to high-def DVDs to Internet videos, digital photos and MP3 music files, all you need is the C-200 which supports 30 different file types. And yes, we know you don’t actually view music – though some people claim that songs show up as pictures in their heads.
Popcorn Hour’s smart technology, popular in the consumer electronics industry, accomplishes all this with one processor that works as a combination computer microprocessor and a television video processor. They also have standard USB and Ethernet network connectors. Popcorn has systems for personal as well as commercial uses. In short, it’s everything to everyone – something once thought to be impossible.
But it still doesn’t please everyone. While some feel like they’ve been waiting eons for a networked player with this capability, others regret that you won’t be able to use the new system to rip discs to a built in hard drive. Still others aren’t ready to give up their Sony Playstations for new, glamorous and complex interfaces to watch their Blu-ray discs.

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