Blu-ray can boost your trivia IQ

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Heard the one about the trivia buff at his cabin on a holiday weekend watching a movie on his Blu-ray player? All of a sudden he wanted to know more about the actor and the music. He hit pause and proceeded to lookup this information. But he was looking it up on the Internet. He got side tracked and pretty soon, all his friend left and it isn’t certain he ever surfaced from surfing the Net. The folks at Sony were thinking of precisely this dilemma when they came up with “movieIQ,” a new Blu-ray disc feature. Didn’t someone once say knowledge is power?
While watching a movieIQ Blu-ray disc on a Blu-ray player with Internet connection, all the trivia that’s fit to be explored is at your fingertips. Connect to the Gracenote database and search for latest news about the actor, the filmography, location music and more. According to the Sony folks, “Gracenote’s global Video database contains rich video information for North America, Europe, and Japan, including factual metadata, synopses, credits, and detailed descriptive elements.” With Blu-ray movie discs expected to outsell regular DVDs by 2011, you may never have to leave your couch.
Of course, all is not perfect in Blu-ray land. Word is that the Blu-ray release of “Gladiator” is not of the preferred quality, presumably because of an outdated master from the studio. Yet even with this diminished quality, the purveyors of Blu-ray believe the quality far surpasses any other type of disc out there. Besides, there are so many other releases such as “Braveheart,” that by the time you get to “Gladiator” the quality issue is likely to be fixed. At least that’s the commonly held notion. Is Blu-ray the future of your home entertainment?

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