Blu-ray, Flash drive or DVD

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Even as physical music has given way to digital downloads and various companies are looking at live streaming movies, enquiring minds want to know what types of players to invest in. Should it be a Blu-ray or DVD? Will the next logical audio-visual format be flash-drive? How is anyone to know what’s next? No one wants to go whole hog, buying the latest and the greatest player, only to have it go obsolete the next minute.
Have no fear. All sorts of experts are weighing in on the subject. It isn’t known what makes any given person an expert. But news from the world of expertise is that the brave new world is neither. It is instead a world of multiple, already-available formats. Or at the very least, experts are arguing for multiple formats rather than just live-streaming content in the interest of consumers having ownership over their movies and music.
People don’t want to be stuck with someone else in control of their audio-visual property. One argument against live-streaming content is that Amazon recently removed George Orwell’s “1984” from people’s Kindles without telling them. A somewhat amusing news item since “1984” is the novel about Big Brother watching you – and by extension inspiration? for the television show. Either way, it’s too bad that speculation about future scenarios are mostly depressing. We’d rather have something we can celebrate.
Couldn’t it be that Big Brother is a happy-go-lucky party guy? Or at the very least Big Brother is an app with a magic wand? It lets you name your chosen movie format and Big Brother delivers. Want live-streaming content? Blu-ray? DVD? Shazam!!!! It’s yours. Come to think of it, everyone would be better off if Big Brother were more like Captain Marvel than the Gestapo.

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