Blu-ray is 5 or 9 or 11

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Somewhere in the world recently they were singing and blowing out candles for Blu-ray’s fifth birthday – that’s one high five. In an age where live streaming is gaining steam, Blu-ray is still in the mix. The format continues to be popular for its amazing, high quality, viewing experience and the fact that Blu-ray marketers continue to innovate. Customers are happier as even decades old movies are released in the better Blu-ray format. Even as DVD sales decline, in some sectors, Blu-ray sales are growing and the number of titles has also grown – beyond 3,000. Among the cool things being unveiled is “Disney Second Screen” technology where an app on the iPad allows you to start the movie on a networked Blu-ray player and get a second show on the iPad.
So what’s wrong with this picture? Well, there’s nothing wrong really. Blu-ray is all good. But the birthday celebrators aren’t entirely accurate about those five candles. The technology can actually be traced back quite a ways. For argument’s sake let’s say we take the most recent history. The first Blu-ray prototypes came out around 2000 but it wasn’t called Blu-ray so maybe we can’t truly say it’s eleven. However, the name Blu-ray was officially announced back in 2002. But maybe those initial years in technology are not like human years where we tend to celebrate things like one month birthdays. So in the end, the first Blu-ray players were shipped in June 2006 with the first Blu-ray movies being released on June 20 of that year – The Terminator. And really, 2006 was a significant year in the world of Blu-ray. Feel free to share your Blu-ray faves with us.

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