Blu-ray is here to stay – for now

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Blu-ray is here to stay – for now

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In the world of prognostication, the popular punditry is just about ready to proclaim the death of Blu-ray, DVD and others of their ilk. The wave of the future is live streaming.
But not so fast, say those in the business of home media. Sure, some time in the future live streaming will dominate, but at least in the “foreseeable” future, Blu-ray and DVD discs have the stage. With the price of Blu-ray players and Blu-ray discs edging downward and the reality that Blu-ray players are backward compatible, customers are said to be flocking to Blu-ray. They don’t have to replace their DVDs and even a cheap Blu-ray player will give a pretty good viewing experience. Plus Blu-ray discs now come enhanced with movie trivia and other interactive content.

Of all the DVDs in the mix, there’s the documentary, “Trapped in an Elevator.” It’s a rather serious piece about people being trapped in elevators and the technology of elevators. It turns out elevators are among the most common transportation vehicles, carrying about 325 million people daily in New York City’s 58,00 elevators. And being trapped in one can be suspenseful. But we digress. Those who haven’t gone Blu-ray yet might consider that Blu-ray is the best way to take advantage of those 1080p HDTVs because Blu-ray packs that much more pixel power. And if you want to take advantage of the aforementioned interactive content look for a Blu-ray player with storage, around 1GB to handle this feature.


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