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It seems like ancient history when the buzz was all about the Sony Playstation being the best Blu-ray player in the marketplace. By now, Sony has moved well beyond that, and is offering the Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player with sleek design features reminiscent of – a game console. In its capacity as a Blu-ray player, the reviews have been favorable, considering that it’s not a dedicated player. Is that good or bad? This depends on whether the user enjoys having a multitasking device that includes a Blu-ray player or, prefers the emphasis to be on a premium Blu-ray player. And the other factor would be how much such a dedicated user is willing to pay for the privilege. In any case, the latest media players are all moving toward multi-tasking with Internet connection plus the ability to use apps and widgets.
Along those lines, Samsung’s BD-C6500 is another web connected Blu-ray player with apps. In fact, Samsung is actively promoting its Blu-ray plus apps approach with an app store containing a plethora of entertainment and news apps, some free and others costing between 99 cents and $5.99. But how does it rate as a player? Reviewers like the Blu-ray image quality of the 6500, and this player also wins kudos for being one of the few Blu-ray players to keep its analog connectivity for those with older AV receivers. However, there are complaints about its operational speed and that it doesn’t have 3D capability – which is present in Sony players for the same price. Then again there is the Samsung BD-C6900 which costs more but is faster with 3D capability. And now there are designer 3D glasses to go with the latest electronics.

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