Blue in a green space

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In the world of jokes, the Blue Lawn would be made by and for bluegrass musicians. But it isn’t. It’s actually one of landscape artist, Claude Cormier’s visions. Cormier looked at the mundane lawn and with a creative and bold vision, turned it on its head, to arrive at something remarkable. Using a specially created non-toxic paint, Cormier demonstrated his idea for a project by applying the color blue to a swatch of lawn grass, on the grounds of the Canadian Centre for Architecture. For most people, the green lawn is “natural” whereas the blue lawn is manmade. It doesn’t seem to have been well received.
Cormier, who grew up on a farm in Quebec, Canada, makes a habit of reinventing conventional thinking in his landscape art projects. In Monet’s hometown in France, he created his own impression, so to speak, by fastening thousands of colored, plastic balls to approximate blooming wisteria.

Why wrap tree trunks in silk flowers? Well, according to the artist, landscape by definition is more or less contrived anyway.
And if the basin of a fountain is painted blue, few would gasp.

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