Boogie Board: Not for surfing anymore

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Boogie Board: Not for surfing anymore

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Kent, Ohio is not the place that usually comes to mind when discussing technological advances but it could be. Kent Displays, based there since 1993 has been mass producing LCD displays from rolls of plastic in an environmentally friendly manner. Now the company has unrolled the Boogie Board, a paperless notepad device that mimics the kind made from chopped-down trees. Teachers, coaches, executives, nurses and even artists are encouraged to embrace this tree-friendly alternative that can be re-used 50,000 times.
Future versions might have connectivity but for now the Boogie Board is somewhat like a slate or an etch-a-sketch. And if it looks like a slate and quacks like a slate – well it doesn’t quack. Regardless, for those who aren’t up to speed with the numerous writing type apps for the iPhone, the Boogie Board could be the next best thing. In this $30 device, millions of crystals are sandwiched between sheets of plastic. The writing happens when the crystals are pushed around by a finger or a stylus. It doesn’t require electricity and it can be erased with the right tools and minimal effort.
And lest anyone is out of ideas for using the Boogie Board, the company has some suggestions. Replace those unsightly, environmentally hostile notepads lying around the home and office or the home office. Get young children to practice the disappearing art of handwriting. Attach it to the fridge door for communication exchanges. Write your grocery list on it and bring it to the store. And sure there may be an app for all that but at its price-point, what more could you ask for? No word on whether it can be recycled as a “Boogie Board” small animals to go surfing – on the water.

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