Boredom + Ignorance = Innovation

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Where did Amazon, Zipcar and talking movies begin? These ideas all came from those who lacked the experience and expertise to say “No.” Experience, it is thought, boxes you in, paralyzes your creativity and leaves you, like mice, running the same old mazes day after day. Thinking outside the box may come easily, but executing outside the box requires those daredevil leaps of faith. And time after time, the leaping is performed by someone without experience. At the same time, experience isn’t all bad. Experience is like a map of the potholes, so to speak. It tells you what to avoid. It saves time and money by giving you the freedom not to reinvent the wheel. But it also hampers innovation.
And if innovation comes from creative thinking, then a certain level of boredom might be necessary. Health and happiness expert, Susan Biali believes that large amounts of boredom can actually drive you to be more creative. A busy mind is always engaged in executing ideas and solving problems. There is no space for newness and creativity to enter. But beware. It’s not as simple as it may seem. Here’s what Biali proposes: “Let it start to feel yucky and uncomfortable. I’ve observed that there’s a sort of a wall of acutely uncomfortable boredom one has to pass through before the impulse to create starts to carry you along and out of the nothingness.” So don’t just sit there – oh alright, just sit there and be bored.

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