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For all who ever coveted Pearl Jam merchandise for its artistic interest, they could thank Brad Klausen. The graphic artist, who also created posters for Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, among others, has now launched a book of his posters. In the book, “From a Basement in Seattle,” Klausen also includes the original sketches which were done by hand before being tweaked in Photoshop. He describes his artistic process that brought the poster from concept to reality for readers who on whom the intent of each work may have been lost.
Klausen’s posters are not intended as advertising. And as a consequence he was fortunate to have a higher level of creative freedom, and the artistic courage to go where others may fear to tread. Drawing inspiration from the his nature walks with his dog, Klausen claims that at times he felt like his brain was downloading information from his surroundings. As his work evolved beyond the political leanings of Pearl Jam, Klausen left the band and now runs his own company, Artillery Design.


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