Breathing with Your Knees

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Published on February 08, 2017 with No Comments

Actors struggle to die on stage but puppets struggle to live on stage. So said the creators of Joey, the puppet horse. Joey is one of the central characters in the stage production of “War Horse,” opening for a limited run at Lincoln Center in NYC. While “War Horse” will come out in a movie version late this year, the stage production is where artistic brilliance truly shines. On stage, the horse is a puppet, which is art imitating life in the truest sense. Joey the horse, built by the Handspring Puppet Company needs to breathe and whinny like a real horse while also being believably horsy on stage. All of this is not that easy for a puppet and human handlers to accomplish. Breathing like a horse is especially difficult. But to add even more complexity, Joey needs to be realistic enough to have someone riding him. Well, this is just fascinating stuff that you should really hear it from the creators –
The Handspring Guys

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