Broadcasting with the iPod

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On the tenth birthday of the iPod it is duly noted that this device revolutionized the music industry, and by extension the consumer electronics industry. Without the iPod there probably wouldn’t be a lot of things including the numerous iPod accessories. Without the iPod we also might not have the Podcast. Squeeze together the word “iPod” and “broadcast,” and there you have it, Podcast. It was originally used to describe a set of recorded radio interviews that were made available for portable listening. Along the way podcasting networks were launched. These included Podvertising, the Godcast Network and more. Then there’s “Podnography.” Description not necessary on that. Possibly the most widely known set of podcasts are the ones from the National Public Radio network where everything from Car Talk to Culturetopia to Tiny Desk Concerts can be heard on podcasts. However, most media networks offer podcasts of their content.

As it turns out, a portable device such as an iPod isn’t necessary for listening to podcasts because they are available to anyone with an Internet connection. In some cases creators of podcast type content decided that they could avoid using the term, “Podcast” with substitutions such as “Netcast.” Some also avoid using the word “Google,” in favor of “search,” for instance. Meanwhile, in 2006 Apple decided that anything with the word “Pod” in it implied the use of the iPod and at some point “cease and desist” letters were sent out to some entities. At the same time, Apple did not object to the use of the term “Podcast,” and it did not license the usage of this term. Podcasts can be downloaded from the iTunes store. Somewhere in New Zealand of all places, there’s Two Peas in a Podcast which can be very amusing.

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