Build Customer Trust in 4 Easy Steps

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What are some of the brands that you absolutely love?  You know the ones I mean.  These are the brands that you trust with your personal information, recommend to others and would not think about leaving for another business under any circumstances.  Yeah, they’re that good.

Does your business brand instill this kind of trust with your customers?  The whole concept of “buying” in today’s economic climate comes with a natural skepticism.  People are less likely to take risks with their money if they don’t have great confidence in getting their value back.

Build Trust with Your Customers with these 4 Techniques

Focus on Quality
Here’s a real easy first step to gaining trust with customers:  Stop concentrating on whether you have trust with your customers. It’s that simple.  Instead focus solely on putting out the best product possible-every single time.  If you’re continually telling people to trust you then you might want to take a look at your product.  It could be that you’re not really confident in the trust coming naturally with the quality of the product you’re putting out.

Keep Promises but Admit Mistakes
If you say that you’re going to deliver a product or service at a certain time then make sure that you’re giving your absolute best effort to make that deadline.  If you claim that your product is going to do something then make sure that it delivers on that promise.  These are both integral parts of building your customer trust base.

You know what’s a bigger part of building trust, though?  Admitting mistakes.  It’s natural for people to want to hide mistakes. You’re more apt to keep a customer by admitting a mistake than by trying to hide one and having the customer remain unsatisfied.  An unhappy customer will not return but a customer who feels that you’ve done all in your power to deliver a quality product and fix issues if it falls short of their expectations will usually come back…with more trust.

Build Authority by Creating Blog Content 
Customers naturally gather to businesses that offer free stuff.  With a business blog you get to provide that free stuff in the form of content and articles that will offer free advice and solve problems for people.  By doing so you automatically establish the customer trust that you are looking for.

A blog will also provide an sense of authority for your business as long your blog content is of high quality.  When customers consume this content and that content actually does solve their problems then you automatically establish trust.

Maintain that Trust
Establishing trust is not an end-state. Trust building with customers is a journey that needs to continually be a major objective of your business.  Never get the idea that your trust building is not worth the time and effort.  Think of it this way, if you’re not putting effort into establishing trust and delivering quality then there is no cute logo or tagline that will make up for it.

About the Author: Ken Muise is a freelance blogger who is also and active-duty Soldier in the US Army.

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