Build happiness and they will come

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If you want a new way to think about consumer attention, think of it as a resource. In the digital age with devices and distractions galore, consumer attention is fleeting like beach footprints at high tide, yet every business craves it. Enter consumer research companies such as Nielsen, studying consumer behavior in order to help companies attract consumer attention. On the other hand Laura Desmond, CEO of the media relations company, Starcom is calling on businesses to throw out the old ways of thinking about consumer attention. You can’t use “backward-looking data to predict future behavior,” says Laura Desmond. These old-fashioned tools merely measure business performance while the digital era is all about consumer attitudes and behaviors and also about being interactive.
Instead of thinking about how to sell products, companies should think about creating experiences with the products. A diet product will be more popular if it includes an online supportive community, for instance. Humans are more attentive to day brighteners as opposed to negative news stories. So create a widget with sunny side up stories and it might just sell more breakfast food. And ultimately, if content really is king, or queen as the case may be, businesses can attract and retain consumer attention by creating content that is happy, emotionally engaging and useful. And just in case you’re wondering, we like to think that we are a happy, sunny side up kind of place. So send us your problems, your worries, your cares – okay, maybe not all of them.

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