Calling all swing buyers

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Calling all swing buyers

Published on July 07, 2009 with 1 Comment

Brand loyalists often have their favorite parking space at the mall. It’s usually next to their favorite store. It wouldn’t take much psychic ability to predict that their grocery carts will be filled with favorite brands of yogurt, chips, juice, ice-cream and pizza. For them shopping is a breeze. It would seem that they are the dream demographic. Right? Not necessarily. Marketers are now taking a second look at fickle, swing buyers as the most desirable demographic.
Swing buyers aren’t people who buy swing-sets, but like swing voters, swing buyers pay attention to advertising and adjust their purchasing behavior accordingly. They check out the merits of one brand of cereal versus another. They want the shampoo that brings thicker, silkier hair. If Jared lost weight with a brand of sandwiches, they might be inclined to try it. They use the free samples and might actually purchase the items. Swing buyers are not hooked on one specific brand. They’re looking for whatever is new, fun and exciting. They are open to experimentation. And that may not be a good thing for marriages but it’s great for the advertising world.
With fewer advertising dollars in their budgets, marketers are doing much data drilling to figure out where the swing buyers are. What television shows they watch? Which networks they prefer? Even in an SEO world people are still watching television. While media buying used to be mostly about the 18-49 age group, segmented by gender, it’s now also segmenting swing buyers.
Of course this would be impossible without current technology that was not previously available to marketers. A company called TRA claims to have a database that links television ad viewing to product buying. Data analysis shows that advertising placed where swing buyers are more likely to see them, yields a 70 percent higher return on investment than traditional demographic targeting. Further, such data can be used to get swing buyers to rekindle the love for a brand where the affection was waning.

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  1. This must be a growing segment considering the dynamics in the economy.