Can you be like Steve?

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In the world of business literature, a lot is being written about Steve Jobs and a lot more is being written about innovation. The latest effort merges the two for, “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs,” by Carmine Gallo. While the book is getting good reviews, some argue that these are not really secrets because they are previously known and accepted strategies. Additionally, it isn’t known if following Steve Jobs method will bring someone else the same success. Still, Steve Jobs and his innovation strategies can lead to good Happy Hour conversations. It turns out Jobs and Wozniak arrived at their company’s name while Jobs was returning from a visit to his favorite Oregon apple orchard. An apple orchard is unconnected to a computer in so many ways. And psychologists believe that the main idea behind innovative minds is the ability to connect the unconnected and unrelated concepts. In the famous words of Steve Jobs, “Creativity is just connecting things.”
At a glance, it would seem that author Carmine Gallo is on a quest to create numerous books of lists of Steve Jobs secrets, all of which could help others learn from Steve. A previous work is, “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.” It outlines Jobs attention-grabbing presentation methods. First of all, presentations adhere to the rule of threes, always in three parts. Headlines are Twitter friendly, “Macbook: The World’s Thinnest Notebook.” The reveal or “Holy Smokes” moment had Jobs pulling the Macbook out of an interoffice envelope. Most slides are images with a few necessary words. Jobs set IBM as the villain. Creating a Hero v. Villain scenario gets people to choose sides. Jobs always plans in “analog,” with pen and paper, which is odd for a top digital company. But we’re pretty sure that’s not a key factor in the company’s success. In the final analysis, most agree that creating great products is just a start. Generating passion, enthusiasm and emotion around the product is genius.

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