Do you care about the new Razr?

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Published on December 08, 2014 with 1 Comment

Like a Phoenix rising from the electronic ashes, Razr lives again. This time it’s smarter and sturdier with splash guard, which means it can take a light sprinkle but probably not a deep water dive. It’s got Gorilla glass in front and Kevlar on the back. Did you know that Kevlar was originally used as a replacement for steel in racing tires? What does that mean for the Razr? Well, you probably shouldn’t try to swap it out for your car tires but it can travel the distance without showing the wear. Add on the 16GB of storage, expandable through microSD to 48GB, the 8 megapixel camera and 1080p video capability, and this is definitely not your big brother’s Razr. You know the one, circa 2004 with its clamshell design. Did you know Motorola actually held the trademark for the term “flip phone?”

If you loved your Razr back in the day, you probably wonder how it can be a Razr if it doesn’t have the flip. And well, you should know that George Foreman gave all his sons the same name – George. But we’re guessing they are not all alike. Meanwhile Polaroid, known for the instant photo is now digital. And actually Polaroid was originally in sunglasses – polarized sunglasses. So once again, as it generally is when something old is new again, it’s not the same as it was before. But the people at Motorola hope that customers with fond memories of that old flip phone Razr will set their sights on the new Razr, which isn’t anything like the old Razr – it’s a Droid. Did you know Motorola sold 130 million of those old Razrs? Do you care?

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  1. So simple even a caveman could use one … and the call the reflections on the wall.

    Regarding patents, I’m an agreement with Mark Cuban