CES 2012: Possibly the biggest sea change in tech

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It’s baaack. Yes, CES is back and the 2012 iteration is bigger than ever, now with even more celebrities. Take your pick from Justin Bieber appearing with an entertainment robot to Eliza Dushku as a celebrity ambassador. Take in Dennis Rodman promoting an app or Snooki doing some other promotion. This is not your geek father’s CES anymore, Cellphonebeat. Amid all the celebrity appearances there are actual electronics such as the thinnest laptop, apps for cars, and the refrigerator with smart apps. And really, until it can call out for pizza or other food delivery, can you truly say your refrigerator is smart? Somewhere in the mix is a piece of technology that promises to be the most life changing aspect of CES 2012. A company called Liquipel says it can waterproof your smartphone.

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For now, some are comparing this innovation to the Emperor’s New Clothes because the waterproofing is possible through a coating that’s invisible and generally imperceptible. Perhaps if you believe the coating is waterproof then it is. From unexpected super-soaker fights to spilled wine and dropping it into the pool, a “Liquipelled” device is protected through and through. You can’t buy it in a store. Liquipel requires that you send your HTC, Motorola or Apple phone to the company along with $59 and possibly shipping. There, it will be immersed in a chamber which will be filled with a vaporized coating that bonds with your phone at the molecular level. Meanwhile, the Liquipel site offers “preventative steps” and also “recommends that your electronic device not come in contact with any liquids.” Okay.

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