ChefVille: Play to eat

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If your FarmVille fields have lain fallow of late (and it seems many have), the people at Zynga want to open your appetite for a more delicious offering. Their latest launch is well, lunch, as in ChefVille, which is being billed as the most social game of all. In ChefVille, players get to create and run their “dream” restaurant. Create your very own pizza place, a Japanese restaurant with a sushi station or a Chinese restaurant with a wok station. In each case, the player gets to design the restaurant’s ideal kitchen and find ingredients for the cuisine. Players can visit their friends’ restaurants and borrow ingredients as desired. As with real life restaurants, aspiring “chefs” of ChefVille can attend a cooking academy, perhaps become an ingredient specialist and more. Minds behind the game believe that the game taps into the latest popular American dream – owning and running something.

While most games live completely in the virtual world, ChefVille aims to bridge the digital/analog divide with real life components to the game. At this time you can’t order a meal from a virtual restaurant in ChefVille, though game designers might consider that for a future upgrade. What you can do is get the recipes and prepare the dishes in your own kitchen – which you may or may not have designed. Of the 200 in-game recipes, 50 are available in the real world. Players receive those recipes via email after unlocking recipes within the game. Additionally, fans can submit their own recipes for consideration as a ChefVille offering. Possibilities for future iterations include tie-ins with popular television chefs and favorite restaurants. Meanwhile, players who overindulge on the real recipes need not worry about their waistlines, their avatars can remain slender regardless.

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