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When deciding which of the free email templates to pick it is tempting to opt for one that is similar to your website. With an identical logo and style those familiar with your website will be reassured. Who can argue against a corporate image?

Having a universal branding for your website, documents, emails and all other means of communication with your customers can be extremely useful. They will not forget who they are dealing with.

Further, you will have taken into consideration the likes and preferences of your customers when deciding on your style of website. What logical reason could there be against copying it?

Here is one (Continue reading below image):

The website is a multi-function device. Its main intent will probably be to attract new customers. To use an analogy, it is like a shop window, there to display goods and services in a manner that will entice passers-by to cross the threshold. Your website home page will be designed to grab the attention of browsers and to get them to click through to other pages.

Your website will also have the function of being a method of receiving payments for your products, of hosting micro-sites, of optimizing search engine criteria, and of publishing helpful advice to your customers. This Jack of all trades function is its main limitation.

If you had your website professionally designed, you were, no doubt, asked who it was you wished to attract to it.  Designers will tell you that the most popular answer is ‘Everyone’.  And who could argue, I mean, apart from the designer?

A marketing email is somewhat different.  The better you become at the craft, the more different each email will become. There will still be corporate design facets, and that means more than just the company logo, but to get the best out of your free email templates you have to go deeper than that.

Marketing emails should be designed for a specific marketing list. It should not appeal to everyone. Whatever criteria you have used to segment your subscribers should be those which can be used to change the way you market your product.

Once the excitement of opening a free email template subsides you have the problem of targeting your email. The trick is to describe the specific customers you are aiming at.

Your subscribers might be classified by age, gender, ethnic origin, purchasing history, geographical location and interests. On first glance none of these would modify your email design to any great extent. However, put yourself in the place of the ones you are after.

Not all the people living in the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors are identical. Those who booked their last holiday through you can be separated. Those who opted for Paris, Rome or Geneva might well dream of different things compared to those who opted for the Camargue or Verdon. One would appear to want change and a little bit of sophistication, the other more of the same, but perhaps a little warmer.

The email design should reflect the likes and dislikes of your customers. So calming colours with perhaps some wild horses in one and bright backgrounds with pictures of bright lights for the other.

Aaron Bond is a network marketing researcher with a keen interest in email marketing . His articles aim to provide valuable tips for online business entrepreneurs; helping to create strategies and take action to increase leads and cash flow.

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