Clio celebrates creativity

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Clio celebrates creativity

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The recent Clio awards highlighted the ability of the creative industry to rise to the occasion in a time of unprecedented challenges – of various kinds. The awards which span the spectrum from outdoor, to television, print and internet among others, are named for the Greek Muse of history. This year’s most noteworthy award went to the Zimbabwean for its courage and creativity. Granted, most of us aren’t regular readers of the Zimbabwean, but now we are more likely to be. This innovative campaign significantly increased subscriptions and web traffic.
Zimbabwe, a southern African country is ruled by an unpopular dictator who printed money in such quantities that it even has a hundred trillion dollar note. But the money has no value. A trillion dollars cannot even buy a loaf of bread. Journalists who reported on this state of affairs were beaten and shut down in various ways. So the journalists printed messages on the trillion dollar notes and distributed them. They even made a billboard with the worthless currency and called it the trillion dollar wallpaper. It was a hit – in many ways.
One of Europe’s leading power companies, RWE, won for its artistic and creative demonstration of power leakage. Chef Jamie Oliver’s food assembly kits won for their fun and creative marketing methods. Best Buy’s Twelpforce, Coke’s happiness machine and Nike were also winners. CNN’s campaign won for commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a tape along the border that allowed people to interact with the border and revisit poignant stories from that momentous occasion.

Trillion dollar wallpaper

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