Coke adds digital to the real thing

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Coke adds digital to the real thing

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The latest thing to go all twenty-first century digital is Coca-Cola. The very idea that you could go to a machine, dispense some ice and it mixes water and syrup for you may have been revolutionary at one point. But like every new beginning that one is coming to an end and Coke drinkers everywhere can now rejoice with myriad new choices thanks to the digital age. Soon Coke drinkers everywhere will be able to experience numerous real things.
In one case Coke coordinated efforts with Samsung – that Samsung, for a Coke machine with a touch screen, flash and motion graphics. They even planned to integrate Bluetooth so one day you could download songs and other cool stuff right to your mobile phone – from the Coke machine. But even more revolutionary, Coke isn’t simply about the syrup anymore. A new type of Coke machine has RFID technology and cartridges instead of the bags of syrup, which you may or may not have seen if you aren’t the type to hang around waiting for the syrup to run out.
The cartridge system in the new digital dispensers allows the customer to make well, custom drinks. Add a little bit of ice plus a bit of this thing and that thing and soon enough you have your very own flavor profile. But in case you’re experiencing the creativity doldrums, Coke makes it easy for you with 28,000 pre-programmed drink combinations. Of course kids everywhere have already been imagining scenarios by mixing several flavors at the pre-digital dispensing machine anyway.
The RFID technology allows for easier tracking for purposes ranging from inventory management to collecting data on any given drink’s demographics so they can ship products accordingly. Brilliant! But if you tend to be more a fan of the vending machine than the dispenser, Coke is not planning this technology for you. Either way, nothing stands still.

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