Cold Calling Brand Refresh

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Much has been written about the + (-) of cold calling…if you’re reading this you are probably familiar with those and curious as to the future of it. The paradigm shift, or perceived shift that our economy is experiencing/seeking/reacting to is bringing up the question as to whether it is still an effective sales tool. There are those who consider cold calling to be dead/dying/old school/old technology/obsolete in today’s Info Age economy. “The rules have changed”, or something profound like that.

Here’s the deal…cold calling has simply changed/will change/is changing. Call it a brand refresh. It isn’t what it used to be and won’t get you the same results, sure. It is still an important and effective sales tool. The key, as always is in the conversation.

Finding the balance between Interruption and Permission Marketing is crucial in the conversation. Most/many cold callers focus on what THEY want (a sale), not on what their prospect wants/needs. Cold calling is now about planting seeds/generating leads/problem solving – not closing deals and making sales. Your conversation needs to be about solving their problem, not yours. Don’t waste your/their time puking up information about yourself and your company and what you do and how you do and….click…hello? Your target doesn’t care about you, they care about me/I/notyou.
Help them get where they need to go, and that in turn will help you go/win/close/$.

The economy/marketing/sales is evolving rapidly into something other than what it is 2 seconds from now. In my view, most companies/people are behind it vs. in front of it. The “obsolete” never really is…it will again become/is relevant, but in a new way.

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